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North by South introduces the style and culture of Scandinavia into your home. Our online boutique offers carefully selected products, mainly from Scandinavia but also some amazing Australian brands, which fits in well with our philosophy. The business was launched in June 2013 by swedish Sofie Fleming in Sydney, Australia. 

 Important to us is personalised service, easy shopping and prompt shipping. All to make your shopping experience fun, easy and convenient.

"Scandinavian style is all about creating spaces that are beautiful as well as functional. It's about good quality products that are unique, made from solid and beautiful materials and soft colour palettes that flows. It's about using the beauty of nature which is all around us.

These are things I appreciate, that are close to my heart and what you can find in the store. Gorgeous homewares that will help you create a personal and comfortable home. 

I have, like many of you, a great passion for interior decorating and can often be found changing areas of our home. Things does not stay in the same place in our home for too long.

I love when a home looks lived in, with details carefully selected reflecting the people who live there and I sincerely believe that we feel better in beautiful surroundings. That it's easier to relax and unwind from a busy life if the light is a little softer. When we use materials that are natural and nice to touch as well as products that are good for the planet too.

There are so many incredibly talented people who make or design the most beautiful things. I find this so inspiring and I am always seeking new inspiration to feed my interior decorating dreams and part of my passion is to share it with all of you.

I hope our gorgeous products inspires you, whichever interior enthusiast you are! If you are currently renovating your dream home, saving for that home deposit, renting your home or just looking for a gift for a loved one."


We believe in making the house where you live, your home that you love.



Love Sofie


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